Thursday, April 09, 2009

Relaxation Techniques for Tots who are too Hyperactive

Sometimes, a bundle of energy can become so overwound that constructive channelling is no longer possible. When this happens, it's best to begin the unwinding process promptly. Try relaxing your toddler woth any of these soothing techniques: -
  1. Hugging, cuddling or massage
  2. Soft music, with or without lyrics
  3. A relaxing story
  4. A warm bath (with adult supervision)
  5. A whirlpool bath (with adult supervision & do not use hot tub - dangerous for young children)
  6. Playing simple puzzles
  7. Doodling, painting with a brush or fingers, drawing with crayons or chalk
  8. Clay play
  9. Baking or cooking (with adult supervision)
  10. Water play
  11. Watching fish in fishtank
  12. Petting a gentle pet or a stuffed animal
  13. Interaction with a calm parent or nanny
Once your child has calmed down, try to determine any underlying cause for the wild behaviour and see if you can a way to deal with it and prevent a repeat.

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