Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My long weekend of Charlotte

I am blessed to have a nice hubby who helps me to take care of Charlotte while I was attending Michelles' Hens Night on Good Friday.

He takes care of Charlotte, washes the clothes, iron the clothes, mop & sweep the floor.

What else can I ask for...?

Ivan bought a $3.90 Strawberry Shortcake watch for Charlotte
This little gesture from him is really sweet

This is how vain Charlotte is...
She insisted to wear the "giraffe shoes" with the peko socks!

~ Charlotte's playroom ~

Left: Charlotte was pointing finger and saying, "NO ah".
Right: Its messing up time!

Charlotte has musical skills...

She shouts, "Daddy, Mummy, neh neh (malay word for grandma), ah tor (malay word for grandpa), kaka (malay word for sister), por por (grandma in hokkien), gong gong (grandpa in hokkien).......

Charlotte calls Ivan "Dear Dear" as well. She copied that while I was calling out to Ivan.

Charlotte loves bubbles!

My balcony will be very soapy afterwards...

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