Sunday, April 26, 2009


Cannot hide the excited fact that I had actually managed to catch a prawn while prawn fishing at Marina Country Club yesterday ~gleeing~ Had never done prawn fishing for sometime and this is the FIRST time I caught a prawn! Yippie!!!

It tasted fresh (love to make salad with it) but I felt uneasy when I deshell the prawns with eggs. 6 out of 15 at least, are preggy prawns...

Its a 3-hour patience training session especially when Charlotte is around.

Oh yah, one of the staffs there said that I am too impatient to catch any but I proved him wrong :D --- one prawn is good enough to prove him wrong --- he is a very kind person though he refuse to help me fish, he gave us a tiny net... hahaha Lyn caught 2 tiger prawns with it!

We paid $90 for 3 rods. Worthwhile?

Punggol Prawn Fishing
Address: 600 Punggol Seventeenth Avenue,
off Punggol Road
(at Marina Country Club)

Prawn fishing rates
$15 for one hour session
$25 for two hours session and
$30 for three hours session

Many boats are docked at the deck and there are restaurants just along the decks.

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