Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michelle's Hens Night ~ 10 April 2009

SEE our original plan...

But few things were changed
no blow job *on the bear ~ dun think naughty cos we're very tame!!!*, no french kiss...

~ Orchard Parksuites ~

Though the sofa and chair combination looks ah neh... overall it felt cosy

  • Dicky key chain with our names on it
  • Cute hair pins with ribbons and flower
  • Pick-up dicks a.k.a stirrers
  • Dicky paper plates
  • Straws with dick
  • Nice nice napkins
  • 10,000 carats diamond ring for the winner of the game


  • Dicky wand
  • Dicky balloons

ERM, someone... shouldn't this be called Dicky Party?







Mister OR-LANG-er Bloom

pssst: - the g-string, we drew IT!

Ken you are asking me what we will be doing that night right?

Title: Catch me in bed with another guy!

Getting ready to go on date with Mr Bloom

LOOK at LAO DA's cunning look...

By now The Hen should know WHO is the Mastermind,

the MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL & mechanical pencils!

~ In Orchard Road ~

Today is my Hens Night and I need you to introduce to you my boyfriend, Mr Bloom... I have task to complete. Can BOTH of you guys kiss me?

Ang Mohs:

No problem!!!

Is this Singapore size? (after the photography)

erm... the guys should answer that cos I've only seen one!

This guy in the photo is very sporting!

We wanted him to dance with the Hen & Mr Bloom and he did!

I'll upload the video of him dancing...

We were all exhausted after walking and went Starbucks to rest...

AND there we thought of 2 ideas! DING DING!!!

1) Go to the counter and tell the cashier that Mr Bloom is thirsty and needs a FREE drink

2) Introduce Mr Bloom to 20 men and shake hands

We thought that this challenge is tough as the manager of the shop seems to be in a bad mood...

Nontheless, we succeed!

The Hen managed to get her boyfriend a FREE ice-cream!

This challenge...

The Hen was suppose look for a guy and make him kneel and shout to her,

"I LOVE YOU! Will you marry me?"

The French guy was apparently a tourist and cannot speak very good English AND did not kneel BUT... we are good people, we let Michelle off...

LAST challenge ~ Michelle shouted, "I LOVE YOU" and gave Mr Bloom a KISS right in the middle of the exit of Orchard MRT...

Was shocked to see many onlookers who gathered around us!

*Some took photos and videos too

Most importantly, the stripper (from 2niteok) was a huge disappointment!

But it was an overall GREAT Hens Night!

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