Monday, June 20, 2011

Dora's Ballerina Adventure

Dora's Ballerina Adventure at Forum Shopping Centre

We went for the 1pm show yesterday
thinking that its free so shouldn't be spending loads
but end up kena conned by Charlotte to buy

Dora's backpack
and now this backpack kept on going -
Backpack, Backpack...
Backpack, Backpack...
singing all day long

while waiting for photo taking...
waited almost 30 mins just to take a single shot with Dora and Boots

Charmaine only managed to get a drinking cap from toys'r'us
not as greedy as jie jie, as of now!

Brunch at California Pizza Kitchen

Felt that its not that tasty as compared
to the italian restaurant at Tampines Courts
where there is a children playground

Spent $50 for this so must post its photo again
Backpack, Backpack...
Backpack, Backpack...


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