Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Russia Ice Skating at Changi Airport

We were at Changi airport last Sunday, having the intention to use our Singkids voucher. I accidentally found out that there was this Russia corner where everyone gets to test out fake ice skating when you spend $40 in a single receipt.

We deposited the kids inside Singkids and went for coffee as I need a break real badly after the many volcano eruptions with my helper in the morning that made me nearly sent her back to agency. After the eruptions, I found out she had a handphone.

But I was pretty cool about this. I asked where she gotten it as the previous helper gave me the same surprise. Anyway I confiscated it and told her to tell her friend to come and see me to get it back. Maids are full of problems - that is from my experience after 2 encounters.

Back to the ice skating. We were at Jcube on Saturday and Charlotte wanted to ice skate just because she felt that the penguin was cute. But as we were not dressed correctly for ice skating we managed to coax her out of it. This fake ice skating came right in time!

She was very proud after the skating cos Hubby though could roller blade, did not skate that well. She told Hubby, "Daddy don't be scared. It is just like walking".

She was on 2 rollers, designed for kids her age as there wasn't anything she could fit in whereas Hubby had the real thing on his foot.

They both had great time!

Charmaine was screaming away wanting to follow Charlotte.

I discovered that Charmaine loves macaroni pasta. She finished a whole plate by herself.

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