Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Charlotte's Ballet Grading

Parents have endless worries.

For example, Charlotte's grading exam was at 1pm today and we had to reach the class at 12pm. I started worrying since 10am.

Worrying about her lunch cos she takes almost an hour to finish with loads encouragement (I will really like to think it is encouragement rather than screaming, threatening, coaxing, caning).

Worrying about her ballet costume whether it is properly ironed, neat and not stained with other colours - bought new set cos helper damaged the last newly bought set.

Worrying whether her ballet shoes fit. I bought her 3 pairs already!

Worrying how to back combed and gel up her fringe then tie into a bun that will never fall off, use netting, loads of clips, gel, hair spray to ensure that not a strand of her fall off meanwhile afraid that she will get sensitive to excessive gel and hair spray or will she be too sweaty till the gel get washed down and she becomes all sticky?!

Worrying that we would miss the bus, why the bus is not here yet? And whether was there sufficient money inside her ezlink card.

Everything got better once we reached the class where ballet teacher Miss Lee is there. But this is the time where you will worry - how will Charlotte feel when she sees the examiner, will she remember to greet her?, will she remember her ballet steps, will she freak out and stand like crying etc..

Argh. All these never stop even after I went to McDonald's for a drink with 2 other mothers, gossiping and complaining about life.

Ah... I am so tired worrying and will not double check for any grammar, spelling, tenses mistake.


Michelle said...

All the pretty little ballerina!! So how does she fare? I didnt know ballet also have grading. Thought it's just for fun since they are kids. 

Dawn said...

Results only out months later cos whole sg ballerinas are going through same grading. There are many different grades and I was amazed by how graceful they are when I saw them practising... Hope to see some grace in Charlotte