Monday, April 15, 2013

Unhelpful Men!

This is negative, I know but heck!

I am really pissed.

I can't and don't understand why mothers have to go through much more things than fathers and make more decisions too.

I have to decide on extra lessons for Chars when Hubby just say, I really don't know what is good for our children. Just let Charmaine learn what Charlotte did at the exact same age *rolling eyes n water partial boiling already* so that in future they won't blame us for being unfair *so old school like what my mum said* I want to give them the best but I don't know what should I do? *in my mind... just continue to wait and answers will drop from sky*

At that point I just told him to shut up and sleep. I can't be bothered talking anymore. We had discussed this too many times. I needed help and he is never helping so I decided I will search for help myself.

Though I am pissed, I felt that a part of what he said is true... on the fairness part but different kids are meant for different things and us being parents, we are supposed to find the potential out from our children and not just sit like a couch potato. Can't he just google or go to kiasu parents etc webby to check or read up? He don't remember that I am a 10 hours-each-day-at-least-working-mother?


Michelle said...

chill! anyway classes for kids are pretty standard. go for those with trial class and see what ah mei likes.. i feel that ah mei is more suitable for hip hop than ballet though cos shes so garang. haha

Dawn said...

Chilled already!

I want to send Charmaine for piano!