Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its Barney Space Adventure!

"Keeping the kids captivated for two hours: priceless"
Paid $144 for a 90 min show: pok gai!

Must show off the $12 popcorn.
What expensive popcorn we had.
Daddy really spoilt Charlotte by suggesting that we should buy
the $20 Barney Space Adventure t-shirt!
Luckily I said NO WAY!

Stuffing herself with all the popcorn she could have.
Always the case, esp in movies...

Daddy how lian the star chop
he gotten when he went outside to buy drinks.

Noticed the Barney and the the little spaceship?

Love this photo.
Charlotte was happy cos she managed to get the star chop!

Here comes Barney...
and every kids starts screaming!

Charlotte still calls Riff - Dinosaur

All the kids in action.
Charlotte was hopping up and down the stairs
following the other elder kids.
Haiz. Some kids fell at the stairs and was wailing away.


Charmaine kicked to the BJ's song.

The End

Charlotte: Mummy, Barney taking the spaceship home?
Me: Yes.

Charlotte: How come its still there?
*pointing to the stage
Me: They are taking off soon...

Charlotte told me, "Mummy, Gabriel's mummy is bringing him to Mr Bean Show".
This time round I am smarter...
I replied, "Teacher says you cannot watch Mr Bean. Not good".
Then she kept quiet.

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