Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ippudo Tao @ UE Square

Ippudo the famous ramen joint in Japan
had opened a new outlet in UE Square.

~ Ippudo Tao ~
Had lunch with Lao Da and Lisha there to celebration Lao Da's XXth birthday.
Ahem... Lao Da is still living in denial that she is still 21 years old!

Calpis soda ~ all time fav!

With a top up of $5, you will get gyoza, salad and drink.

Pork Cubes Ramen
Shiromaru Classic

Char Siew Tao Kuro Noodle

The noodles are pretty chewy.
Though the soup is oily,
you will still want to finish drinking it.

Its my second visit
and I am still loving it
* yums!

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