Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Out at U Petgamart Dog Pool

We used to frequent Pet Movers until our last visit
where we found loads of uncleared dog poo everywhere
and we decided that U Petgamart is much better and cleaner!

Charlotte was initially shocked by a friendly golden retriever
who splashed loads of water on her.

p.s: My mum was also shocked by the amount of water the retriever splashes too!

Koko was waiting for Charlotte to play fetch with her
but Charlotte was pretty much interested with playing with the rubber hose instead.

Kozer, who is never interested in balls, was marking his territory all over.

I think dogs love preggy.
Other than the golden retriever who was so friendly towards me,
a husky sat down quietly beside me
and two JRTs came to play with me.


Poor Daddy had to tend to a little curious girl
(afraid she would be knocked into the pool), 
two dogs and two women.

Everyone was laughing when they saw how authoritative
Charlotte was trying to instruct Koko to fetch the ball in the water and also
how she cried and shouted to Koko demanding that the ball was hers!

I was surprised that Koko does not snatch the ball from Charlotte
which she actually did to me
and I was bitten... a little...

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