Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NDP Fireworks 2010

Yesterday was so humid,
hence the sad look on her face.

We did not manage to get free NDP tickets,
we could not afford expensive hotel stays,
we did not want to squeeze with crowds,
so we went to Marina Barrage
hoping to view the fireworks there.
It was blocked by MBS :(
But we managed to get some view of the fireworks.
The fireworks display was kinda disappointing.

Spot the new haircut?
No more bob hairstyle.
We all had haircut yesterday at Reds.

A little out of the NDP theme.
No red top. No white bottom.
Its cookie monster theme.

Insisted that she is a princess.
When will she get over it?

Daddy's nose was suffering in pain while waiting
for the fireworks display.
No photos of fireworks.
Being blocked by MBS.
But guess every others will upload loads of it in fb.

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