Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charlotte is THREE

Early in the Friday morning when Charlotte woke up she asked,
"Daddy is today my birthday?"

After dressing up for her childcare, she told me,
"Mummy I am very happy today because it is my birthday today."

Guess that was why she posed for this photo.

Pressies for friends.

Bought 60 stickers for all of them.

Charlotte's 3rd birthday cake!

I remember her...
first cake was from The Patissier,
second cake was Barney from Prima Deli and now
third cake was from Polar Cakes.

Its really an amazing journey to have grow with your little one,
having them grown up that fast,
from not knowing what is birthday,
to know how to blow her own candles,
pose for photographs and even
chose her own birthday cake.

Children are really a bundle of joy at times, really!

Daddy said to order fresh cream than butter cream
though a little more expensive but taste better!
He was right!

Charlotte: "I tot I saw a putty cat, I did, I did, I did saw a putty cat!"

She was so proud and told everyone not to touch her cake!

She looks like a tweety bird does she?

Charlotte with her teachers

Charlotte's best friends were on medical leave.
Wonder if Charlotte felt sad about it...

Wow! She does love to pose...

We pampered the little one by bringing her out to play for the whole day...

At Farm Mart,
posing with tortoises.

This goat scared the shit of out Charlotte!

Rabbits always get food cos Charlotte loves them so...

At Qian Hu...
If only Daddy is half as rich as the owner,
then I will be busy kiao-kah-ing liao.

This sucker amazed me more than anything else.

The bump on my head is way too huge for me to handle!

Love poka dolts?
Love the stingray!

Charlotte's birthday celebration went on and on...
Next was dinner with in-laws!

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