Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Universal Dining at Expo

We visited Expo for Robinson Expo Sales on Sunday morning and had a great breakfast at Universal Dining - the foodcourt at Expo.

At first we were hesitating... thinking its another foodcourt serving those so-so food but were taken aback.

We love their Evan Road, Mr Prata and Old Airport Road, Lau Fu Zi Fried Kway Tiao!

Once you stepped into the foodcourt, the smell from this fried kway tiao shop makes you drool
though the after effect is that you will have the "fried" smell on your clothes.

Their economic fried kway tiao costs $3.80 and the one with prawns costs $5.00. You can add as much chilli, lime and fried pork skin (my fav!!!) as you like as it is self-serviced. I did not try their chilli as the little one inside me dislike spicy food. Their fried kway tiao is a must try! Its standard is above average.

Charlotte actually finished loads of it on top of the toasted kaya roti she had and it surprised us as she does not usually eat that much for breakfast. 

They made their prata fresh and its best eat while its hot. I had 2 kosongs (tried 1 piece and cannot resist and ordered 2nd piece) at $1.20 each even after I had my plate of fried kway tiao.

Ivan could not resist and had a piece of it too and that was on top of his toasted kaya roti and half boiled eggs set. Greedy hor? That explains his current figure!

Oh... their fish curry is a little salty but generally delicious. I would say their prata is generally better those you found in most foodcourt.

Charlotte had half a piece (Daddy had to share with her cos Mummy was too hungry) even after she had finished her fried kway tiao.


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