Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cheers to Long Weekends!

Its been a loooong time since we last watched a movie...
Charlotte insisted that she wanted to watch this "green bean" movie
rather than Air Bender 3D.
Of course Daddy had to give up his choice and
follow with our Princess's decision!
The movie is great!
I love the "green beans"!
After finished chomping on all her sweet and salted popcorn,
Charlotte told me that there was a hole in the popcorn box (-_-")
- maybe she thought by saying so, I would refill it for her.
Oh yah, GV has this promo -
Safra members buy tixs at only $8 each
There are so many of these toy catching machines around everywhere!

Daddy did not get the little one's hint on her face...

Acting cute did not get her anywhere still :(

Full of energy even when its 10.30 pm already

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