Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Hates During Rush Hour

Commuting everyday by public is no joke as it seems though 3/4 of the population do it.

1) Pole Huggers - usually I will crunch knuckles then try to "poke" by creating awareness like "Hey share the pole!"

2) Tortoise(s) - I am more emphatic towards school kids BUT working adults are way more inconsiderate. Those days when I was carrying backpack, I will actually drop 1 side of sling n sling it sideways to create more space. These people just simply cannot be bothered or simple has no common sense.

3) Heat Stickers - those whose bodies are damn hot (from rushing) and like to sticks his/her body against yours when yours is already damn hot too. Pure irritating especially where you try to move away and each time he/she comes back to stick you. Argh!

4) Kiao Kar-ers - the train is simple damn crowded so please bring your legs down if you managed to grab a seat, to create for room for others to board. There are still other methods of sitting nicely without affecting others. Your teacher never teach you etiquette meh?

5) Yucky hair flippers - those with pony tails, long hair, tied long hair.... etc etc please lah. If you want to flip your hair or turn your head damn hard till it drop, please do it in a spacious area. I don't know about you but I do wash my hair daily and esp some of you seemed like you didn't wake up from your bed yet. I am also terrified of head lice ok. What if it jumps over with your flinging?!

6) Pretenders - is it so hard to give up your seat? I will usually sit in reserved seats when no one is seating cos that seat does not have poison. It's just that it should be given to others who need it more than you. Isn't that simple knowledge? Pretending to sleep doesn't show how tired you are. It only proves that you are plain selfish. I will wake up whoever sleeping when someone who needs the seat comes in. One day I will be featured in STOMP - quarrel over giving up of seats in MRT.

7) Change lanes unnecessarily - walking also have our own lanes. I cannot stand those who walks in front of me, brakes suddenly or suddenly switch lanes. Hey cannot slowly filter out meh? Though some move like the whole world is supposed to stop for them to watch their Korean dramas or message their friends, where sometimes I am guilty of it sometimes, please lah, u cannot park yourself in shoulder lane meh? I will roll eyes n TSK at these people lor.

8) Pushers - there is still another train/bus. The world is not going to end. Sometimes these people r just pushing their luck n waiting to be STOMPed. Simple pushing people to board himself/herself up is no manners ok.

9) No more gentlemen - I think most are dead cos all men are equally as kiasu as aunties! Then again also pity them cos if you can't beat them, join them. They must have lost out to aunties most if the times hence they fought back. But please lah... have basic gentleman-ness in you lah

10) Farters - if you had a damn garlicky dinner/supper, please wake up earlier and go poo before u come work. If u r running late, cannot 忍 meh? I can keep my fart so can you!

Oh oh... I also cannot tahan those who shun away from me when I sneeze. Though I sneeze with my mouth closed, people still shun me lor. Next time I will do a damn wet sneeze at your face really. Argh! I have sensitive nose ok!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

USS 20 September, expiry of pass

Also also throwback la...

First Mummy ride with her (this time left Charmaine with helper)
That "cat claws" pose was s-c-a-r-y! 

While waiting for us, Charmaine saw ice-cream and refused to leave until she ate it

$5 per cup OUCH!

but I love the colorful balls - it's creamy ice-cream

We saw these lovely cupcakes when we headed to Sesame Street

Money spent worth... to win her smile

September School Holidays - A Whole Day of Fun

Also throwback!

It's not easy to "fight" with office colleagues to apply for leave esp those who are parents like me.

But I wouldn't want to leave Charlotte all alone at home playing for the full 5 days and planned a full day trip after USS on that Thursday.

September School Holidays - USS Unlimited

Super throwback!

We were at USS again - to make my half yearly pass totally worth!

Each time we revisit we noticed new stuffs - robot transformers for example and Charmaine grew tall enuff to enter Transformer ride, Charlotte grew tall enuff to go Mummy ride.

I remembered I played Canopy almost 10x with Charmaine!

Must do post in front of USS globe

Minions again
We spotted a new area - near to Far Far away we saw this door with crescent!
Maybe it's Shrek's home or something

Love this!
Hubby didn't join due to work & he don't have pass

These guys can talk and walk towards us
One of them even put his/its hands on me

Charmaine: The transformer here not scary but the transformer inside scary (refer to the ride) and can move around

You should see her expression! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Permanent Scarring Woes

Argh. I am so upset n sad. I don't think the scar on Charlotte's nose will ever disappear. She had those scars when she was "fighting" with some little girl at toys'r'us in Tebrau when she was around 3. I left her in Hubby's care cos I was looking around. This made it worse. Maybe it wont happen if i was there. Hubby told me the other girl also got it real bad from Charlotte and they were fighting over toys. Hope she don't have scars. 

If only I could turn back time.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

LEGO Movie Screening at Tampines West CC

There r actually few places having occasional free movie screenings - shopping malls, community centres are few of the places...

We are at Tampines West CC currently enjoying LEGO movie.

They are a lot of activities in community centres that are worth your regular popping by to check it out.

My Chars go community centres for classes hence I am always checking out for activities to keep them occupied and myself sane.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kiddy Ark Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2014 ~ 29 Aug 14

This was the first time we participated in Charmaine's childcare Mid Autumn Festival Celebration.

It was fun!

We didn't know that she was to perform 2 songs - English & Chinese, both Christian songs. Charmaine's mandarin has improved tremendously after attending Berries. Though she still couldn't sing well, she did great if compared to year 2013  graduation concret performance - where she stood there shocked and overwhelmed by the crowd below the stage.

We participated in pomelo peeling competition and played many games.

Towards the end of the event, there was mini buffet with mooncakes and tea. Each children were given piggy mooncake in basket and free balloons.

Though it's a free event, the programmes planned out for this Mid Autumn celebration didn't come cheap.

It's a truly family bonding event!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Things Married Couples Do ~ Mini Movie Steamboat

My Fridays (after kids konk out) are all reserved for datings with Hubby.

On days where walking out are far too a chore we rather have a mini steamboat session and catch up with the movies we missed or rewatch movies we love.

Simple things like these makes our relationship bonds better.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Was looking thru all the old photos I had on the phone and was amazed that we had so much fun when Charlotte was born. So many new experiences for us. It is such an amazing journey.

Nowadays she kept getting scoldings from us cos our expectations for her as a sister n academic wise grew higher.  It's a sad thing but it's life.

I have to keep reminding myself to be nicer to her. Be better to her. Dote her more. Love her more. No matter what she is still the special one that goes through the same first time experience with us.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Her Favorite toy

Charlotte never loves boys toys. Hence I never have any experience or even went to the boys toys corner unless it's a birthday gift for friend's son.

Charmaine requested for a $49.90 bigger and more shiny version of transformer while waiting for the rest to come out from their transformer ride but I managed to physco her to buy this instead - bright too!

Nowadays instead of her spoon (she outgrown it already) and toy hand phone, she brings her transformer buddy out everyday.

Hopefully this is the last boys toys.