Friday, June 03, 2011

Dinner at Mookata @ 103/105 East Coast Rd

The food at Mookata is fresher than those I had in Golden Mile
(different restaurant but same Thai BBQ)
but the one in Golden Mile taste better!
Same same but different.

Min and the not-so-happy faced Charlotte

Bought vouchers fr Groupon -
"$14.65 for Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ Set for 2 pax (Worth $29.30)"
We had 3 sets! Cheap!

They have 3 types of chilli -
mild, medium and hot
Min says my light mild chilli taste like sweet sauce ;s

Charmaine happily chomping on her biscuits

Since our last BKK trip, Charlotte learns to drink milk tea
and always "fight" with me for it

Min said that our food needs to get more chao tar
totally like Mich!

Head to opposite HK cafe for drinks
Nowadays we are so into HK food

Our "zhi pai" photo

Min finally satisfied her cravings -
peanut butter toast!
But the photograph of the toast at Xin Wang looks nicer
and this tasted so-so
The peanut butter should be melting down *slurps

Charlotte but she simply refuse to... pose with Kor

Kor and dasao, Jas are planning to get married on 29 July 2012
similarly like most of the boring guys out there,
kor never propose and just pop that question.

How come most of the guys are like that?
They take buying HDB as a default to ask his gf to marry him.

I am so looking forward to their wedding.
Please recommend hotel banquet and bridal photoshoot to me if you come across any nice ones.
They intend to go Taiwan for their photoshoot.

- - -

Still remember clearly
.... with this ring, I marry you :)

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Michelle said...

Jason FA FU LE LEI!!!! Must be blissful with DA Sao La!!! HAHAHA!!!