Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Photos

Random photos taken

Charmaine kept bending backwards
its her "in" thing now
and she kept hitting her head against something while she did that

Oh finally managed to take photo of the place where
we go for tasty and affordable pizza, spaghetti and some other local food.
I was too hungry till I chomp onto the food before I remember to take photos.

This place is located at Courts Megastore at Tampines - where Ikea and Giant is.

There is an indoor children's playground. 

Parents eat while children play :)

Fed Charmaine vegetables and she was chomping it away

Nowadays we can never have a quiet meal without her roaring for attention
she wants to be fed at the same time
when you fed her biscuits, she will be unhappy
as she wants to eat from your plate too!

The whatever face!


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