Thursday, September 02, 2010

When teachers get holidays...

... little Charlotte comes out to play!

After whole day of torturing,
Daddy still have to accompany Charlotte for her rides.

Charlotte told Ivan to accompany her for the ride
and told me to stand at aside,
watching them wave to me

Torturing = Mopping, sweeping, washing, accompanying Charlotte and putting her to sleep etc etc.

I have a good hubby :)

Charlotte was kinda sad as she wanted to "drive" the train
and kept staring at the kiddos at the train "driver" seat.

Had a great dinner at Tea Valley at Downtown East - opposite KFC.
With $5.50 to $6.00,
you can get a decent meal of either rice or noodles,
with bubble green or red tea.
Add $0.30 more for the pearls.

Had minced meat rice and mushroom chicken mian xian.
The minced meat rice is tasty and
there were loads of minced meat.
Their mian xian would not turn soft and soggy
even I delayed eating as I was feeding Charlotte.
I prefer mian xian to the minced meat rice.
The bubble tea is definitely better than those sold in most bubble tea shop!

If my memory do not fail me,
Tea Valley was opened in Wisma Atria during my poly days.

We could not escape the fate of more rides
espeically when Charlotte knows the place 
for purchase of tickets for the rides.

She went in to ask for tickets
from the guy at the counter!

She finally became the train driver.

My little terror actually refuse to go on the Merry-Go-Round
cos she saw the "tiger" in front of her.

Proudly presenting her buy of the day...
which meant that we have to go swimming on Saturday.

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