Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Facts

Sugar Makes Kids Hyperactive
This has been studied extensively and nobody has been able to link between sugar and behaviour. One study showed that parents who believed their children had been given a sugar-laden treat reported them to be hyperactive afterwards, even if they had not had any sugar. On the contray, there is strong evidence that excess sugar contribute to obesity, which make them less active than they should be. 

You Should Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily
This myth is probably originated from a 1945 study that stated that the human body needed around eight glasses of fluids a day. These fluids most likely include liquid from all the foods we eat and drink, like coffee and tea. Over time, "fluids" changed to water, giving rise to this myth. However to remain health, we need to take in enough water to replace the amount we lose daily through excretion, perspiration and other bodily functions, but that amount can vary from person to person.

Eggs Give You High Cholestrol
It is true that eggs contains some cholestrol, but they also provide nutrients like B vitamins that help reduce cholestrol levels in your blood. Most of the cholestrol in your body is produced in your liver rather than in the food you eat. Eggs are okay to eat in moderation  - about one a day is fine.

Eating Late at Night Makes You Fat
It's a myth that eating just before bedtime will cause weight gain. Several studies have shown that it's the total intake over the couse of a day that influences how much of your diet will be stored as fat. The time you eat does not make any difference, even if you eat most of your daily calories after 8pm. The important thing is to make sure that the amount you eat does not go over the amount you need to function well and stay healthy.

Green Mucus Means You Need Antibiotics
If you are coughing up or blowing out green mucus it usually means your immune system is working as it should to rid your body of a viral infection and it is not a sign that your body need antibiotics. Antibiotics are of no use against viruses, But if you are not getting better, have a fever or the mucus is blood stained, see your doctor as you may have a bacterial infection such as sinusitis.

Old People Don't Have Sex
According to researches in Sweden, 70 year olds are having good sex more frequently than they did in their 40s. And good news for the girls. Women participants surveyed over a 30 year period reported being particulary satisfied with their sex lives in their older years. Even unmarried women are getting their share of the action, with the number of women having jumping from 0.8 percent at age 40 to 12 percent at 70. One surprising result. Both men and women say it's the man's fault when a couple stops having sex.

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