Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homely Sunday

The weather is awesome!

After the tiring episode yesterday, Hubby decided that he needs to rest at home today.

I woke up early and escape to the market before Charmaine wakes up shadowing me.

We made homemade cheat pizza for lunch today. Cheat because I used flattened pandan bread and tomato ketchup. I asked if the kids wanted to help and they end up only flattening the bread and spreading ketchup. I refused to let them put cheese and hotdogs cos they kept popping it into their mouths.

Dinner was baked chicken drums, breaded fish without chips, coleslaw, baked potatoes with cheese, mayo & hotdogs and mushroom soup. All homemade except mushroom soup from Campbell - roasted garlic mushroom soup rocks with milk instead of water rocks!

We ended our Sunday with watching Narnia on TV. A well rested Sunday.

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