Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Real Thing - Ice Skating

Charlotte showed me the recipe book borrowed from Library and suggested that we go to buy the ingredients together early Saturday morning (Hubby and myself went for a little me-time and we caught total 51 prawns yay!).

Feeling a little guilty when Charlotte asked why we didn't bring her for prawning yesterday, I agreed that we should do some baking but I will buy the ingredients myself as I do not want to waste time haggling whether should we or should we not buy the Princess bowl or water bottle.

We did a non-bake-needed-super-chewy-sweet-peanut-butter cookie. This recipe isn't really healthy at all!

Ingredients: -
Update later :D

I cooked Charmaine's favorite tomato pasta with meat ball and mushroom. She self fed and finish everything (had 2nd serving) within 15 mins. No screamy Mummy, no timeout corners, no calling of Daddy and no accidentally spilled food for Kozer!

We went The Rink @ Jcube for ice skating but it was closed for sports event. Luckily Hubby is willing to drive all the way to Kallang Leisure Park to avoid disappoint for Charlotte.

We spent a total of $40+ for 1A and 1C skater with 2A viewer, without socks for both and gloves for Hubby. I fin it worthwhile cos I get to enjoy the coldness while seeing Charlotte's first skating experience.

Kallang Ice World does not have penguins like The Rink but they have this metal pole that is free unlike penguins that costs $10 for 2 hours usage.

The Rink

Kallang Ice World

Charlotte cried the first round and we laughed at her thereafter especially when she proudly coaxed my helper into ice skating saying how easy it was and told her not to be afraid etc.

After second round, she refused to rest even Hubby was exhausted. He had to hold onto her while skating with the help of the poles. Hence the face of exhaustion on the photos below.

I love the whole experience and will want to try if Charmaine allows me to be out of her sight for a while.

It reminded my 1st ice skating experience with Adel when I was at my 20s. Oh my that was 10+ years ago...

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