Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Michelle Hens Night Videos ~ 10 April 2009

Enjoy the videos... Its hilarious!!!

Make Mr Bloom jealous!!! ~ Find a guy to hug you and turn 3 rounds


Find a guy to take photo of 3 with Mr Bloom ~ each of you kisses Mr Bloom on his cheeks...

THREESOME again!!!

3 persons dancing!

~ This is the BEST video I like ~

Mr Bloom is thirsty... Get him a ~$$$ FREE $$$~ drink from Starbucks!

Introduce Mr Bloom to 20 men and ask them to shake Mr Bloom's hand


Express your LOVE to Mr Bloom!

Shout "I LOVE YOU" and give a peck on Mr Bloom's cheek in front of Orchard MRT exit!!!

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