Thursday, April 16, 2009

Subway Dinner

Yesterday we packed Subway's sandwiches for dinner at Far East Plaza...

Me: Why are you scrubbing the ceiling now?
Staff 1: ~ Shooing his colleague to stop the scrubbing ~
Staff 2 a.k.a Ceiling Scrubber: Mam, do you want us to change your sandwich?

Me: Its ok. But if you continue to scrub the ceiling our sandwiches will be contaminated (there is a couple in front of me)
Staff 1: ~ Continuing to pack my sandwich~ All vege for you mam?

Then while I was paying, staff 2 continue with his scrubbing...

I went off without saying anything else.


They should know that they are not suppose to scrub the ceiling while there is food at the counter. Though the food are covered up, there are other things like knife and chopping board that are exposed to the atmosphere.

I had alerted them once but they continue scrubbing after my sandwich was packed.

What kind of food handling is this?

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