Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy BIRD Day to Chix Little

Dinner at Earle Swensens at Vivio City for Chix's birthday celebration...

Love the scenery!

OK what's cool is that they have free flow salad bar ~ I love salad!!!

The Guys ~ busy eating cos they were very hungry...

They started eating only around 9pm BUT we Gers...

took LITTLE bites from the salad bar first ;)

BIRD Day BIRD & BIRD sao...

Nice? -----> I purposely asked for 29 candles

Chix: Its HOT DOWN there!?!!?

The cake is made of 2 flavours of ice-cream ~ Hazelnut & Macadamia nut

Afraid that its too nutty initially BUT it's real yummy

1 kg is good enuff for around 15 persons

Pressie from us...


Look at Chix's PURPLE THUMB ~ Chix you know why its purple?

Cos I cursed it ~ since you call me Barney!


For those who are not invited...

Just to clarify that the dinner was treated by the BIRD sao,

economy no good so downgrade therefore not many invited.

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