Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Children are Gifts from Up there?

Though its really tough to handle two children
esp on my own when hubby needs to work,
it is still a lovely process as long as they don't step on the wrong button :)

See... how angry can you get when someone smiles at you so sweetly...
but this only lasted a tiny moment
afterwhich she screamed for attention and food :)

This is how Charlotte treats Charmaine nowsdays...
A moment ago, Charlotte was sitting on Charmaine!
If its a consolation, she did it very carefully though...

 After this, Charmaine fell down...
Charlotte then turned and told me...
She did not cause that!

Playing with jie jie's piano while she is sleeping
otherwise no chance at all

Oops... caught in the act!

 but since no one says anything... continue to play ba

Had a great long weekend esp when I had some time
alone with Charlotte as her childcare was closed.

I am guilty that I treat Charlotte as a grown up child
and expects that she helps me with certain matters esp with Charmaine.

The time I spent with her alone makes me understand her more,
makes me treasure her more,
makes me wanna love her much much more.

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