Monday, May 30, 2011

I Am Learning to Stop Whining

I am trying to be independent.

Getting to and fro to work by public... squeezing into the sardines packed mrt with my pump bag is a challenge esp when I have been driven to and fro to work for some time... hence find it rather alien to do so after 3 years.

Taking care of Chars on weekends myself. Saturday is super hectic for me - work half day (luckily its alternate), fetch Charlotte from childcare, send Charlotte to ballet, fetch Charmaine from nanny's place then return home with Chars.

Hubby still tries to help out with whatever, whenever he can. He dozes off every time when he helps to put Chars to sleep.

Our part time helper comes in twice per month so on the rest of the days I have to do chores while looking after Chars. Anyone can recommend good part time helpers who can work every Sunday morning? We have loads of ironing!

Whenever I get tired and fustrated with Chars or with chores, I tell myself...
Hubby is doing this for the sake of our family.
A little sacrifice leads to better life ahead!
I am still hoping to be a tai tai though I am darn disagree of getting a permanent domestic helper.
I am still hoping to breastfeed Charmaine till she's old enough to fend off virus herself.
I am still hoping that we will strike toto so our 'problems' will be solved.
I am still hoping for a third child if budget, timing and help is there.

All I need is a pat on my shoulders to keep me going.
Hope Hubby knows that.


Michelle said...

PAT PAT !! I PAT you !!

Michelle said...

go to motherhood forum? think sure got alot of recommendation on part time helpers.

charmummy said...

I've tried but most of them do not work on Sundays :(