Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Front of Mother's Day card

 Back of Mother's Day card
Charlotte's teacher hold her hands to write the message
Charlotte always tell me - Mummy I don't love you, I love Daddy!
Then I will reply her - Mummy don't love you too cos you are so naughty and noisy!
So I really doubt the second sentence!

Bought in-laws for dinner at Downtown East and
when Charlotte saw the stall where one can decorate cupcakes,
she insisted that she wanted to try

While decorating the cupcake with her
I asked whether the cupcake is for Mummy or Ah Ma
cos its Mother's Day.

She replied - I gave you the card already!

She's so selfish till won't even let me have a bite!

What a Mother's Day.

No appreciation from Hubby at all :(

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