Monday, May 23, 2011

Fall fr Playpen

Charmaine fell from her playpen on Sunday evening...
When Ivan found her she was sitting down on the floor crying pitifully
There wasn't obvious marks on her to show that she is hurt *phew*
I was hyper guilty as I dozed off into dreamland while playing with Charlotte!

In the night after Ivan's birthday dinner at Holiday Inn, she vommited in her playpen.
She was found feverish at around 5am on Monday morning.
I freaked out... quickily bathe her to cool her down, fed her liquid panadol and rushed her to KKH.

Though she is sick, she is still as smiley and curious....

She kept smiling to the english doctor till she asked, "You look so happy. Why are you even here?"

Doctor said fever is not a result of the fall.
Charmaine viral fever... most prob from Charlotte.
Charlotte is fine as her body might have fight the viral fever virus where its new to Charmaine.
Looks like I have to further step up hygiene standards at home.

When your baby falls, the first 24 hours is crucial.
If she kept vomitting continously, send her to hospital immed.
Check through her whole body to see if there is any parts where you touch and she will groan for pain.
Check if there are any obvious brusies or cuts that needed immed attention.
Continue to monitor for 72 hours for any unusual behavior, refuse to be fed, fits etc.

Sigh... I had since lowered down Charmaine's playpen but she super hates it.
Looks like I have to think of other ways to let her sleep safe and comfortably...
Wanted to place her to sleep beside us but Charlotte is hyper jealous when we do that.
*scratching head*

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Anonymous said...

Wow can't imagine how freaking worried you are. Lucky Charmaine is fine now. She's really a Happy Baby :)