Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Trip to BKK 22 to 25 April 2011

At T3 going to T1 for our budget flight :)
The kids were all so excited
as it was their first flight experience

Alicia seemed to be the most excited

 To ensure that we got window seats
we checked in early

Whatever I bring whenever we go out
it eventually will become Charlotte's!
See the shawl?
She wanted me to use her jacket @#&@%!


Angel asked Alicia how she felt when she was on the plane -
Mummy I thought we were taking bus...

Our hotel lobby

We had supper - kway tiao fishball noodles, before we rest for the next day

Caps, shoes, bag, shirt... loots from Chatuchak
The kiddos bought more things than us!

Bag, cap, slipper... loots from Chatuchak

No guts to try Scala though heard rave about their sharksfin...
so back to old time fav - Nam Sing

We really feast!
There was sharksfins soup, suckling pig, oyster egg, tung hoon prawns, scallop with brocoli, fish...

... there was bird nest of course!

Ben showing off his new shoes

 Yummy beef noodles

We have this in Singapore too!

Mummy and me

See what Angel had gotten in her hands...

My Vain Pot!

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