Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our last week...

At NEX sky park
Char2 wanted to join in the fun!

Char1 was happy playing alone...
could not imagine months later,
I have to be in there chasing after my toddler

Charmaine: Oopps!
Mummy caught me messing up Jie Jie's dressing table!
I just want to try out the curlers.

You should see the completed version
Ivan called this - Avatar
The boy had GREEN eyes!
Char1 insisted that her painting was beautiful *tsk tsk tsk

Char2 is a real terror!
Though my heart aches at the point that she is sick - got chesty cough and runny nose from me,
she screams non-stop (she did not lose her voice like me),
pulls my hair & hairband, tugs my shirt, squats down, looks into my face and mumbles her baby language like she is telling me something, I replied back in baby language,
then she stood up and repeat the whole action again at least for 10 times.

Charmaine is almost one year old.
I am busy preparing for her party
but luckily I have laoda to help me with the goody bags.

Charmaine can call - Ma ma, Pa pa, Jie Jie
She waves goodbye to every one
She tries to give fly kisses but her finger ended up in her nose
and she will start to "explore"
She is smiling very often
She loves to "inspect" the whole bedroom many times before finally going to dreamland
She can stand on her own and walk at least 5 steps without help
She wants to sit and have dinner (eating our food) with us
She screams and wants her food very fast
She knows that I will put her into the sling whenever she saw me wearing it
and demands that she must be inside asap
She shakes her head to say NO
She has separation anxiety
She screams when Charlotte snatches toys from her
She snatches toys for Charlotte every time
She crawls into Kitchen to look for me, stood up, pull my shorts, demanding to be carried
I push her away or ask charlotte to carry her away, she crawls back
I close Kitchen glass door, she bangs her head against it on purpose and slide it open
she never let me go toilet as well
nowadays she take only 1 hour nap

i am going insane but happy that she is growing up happy and healthy
what else can i ask for?

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