Saturday, September 03, 2011

Charlotte is FOUR!

Birthday celebration at Angel's house on 20 August 2011
Angel made princess castle cake for Charlotte
My little snow white was so happy
and can't wait for the moment to cut her cake
* she was nagging Angel whole day questioning whether her cake is ready

Alicia must be thinking...
Will mummy make a bigger cake for my birthday?
* Angel will be super stressed in December

Birthday celebration at childcare on 19 August 2011
with Rapunzel, princess themed cuppies!

Yan did a great job!
The cuppies were beautiful and yummy!

Charlotte insisted that we buy her this set of
snow white dress months ago to prep for her birthday

Another birthday boy

He does not have a birthday cake so made him share with Charlotte
hope its not too princess-sy for him

Charlotte's N2 & K2 classmates - the gers

Charlotte's N2 classmates - boys

Charlotte's K2 classmates - boys

Flat head Rapunzel!

Finally can relax...

Pressie for classmates - pencil cases
I love the Hello Kitty pencil cases but Charlotte doesn't
The indian girl in the centre is the only one who appreciates my taste
End with another photograph of the lovely princess 3-tiered cake!

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