Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Charlotte's second visit to dentist to fix up her mild decayed tooth
paid $35 for it... is it expensive?

During our last visit to the dentist,
she suggested that we do not do everything at one time
(descaling and fix the decayed tooth)
as she is afraid that it will give Charlotte a shock and she will never visit a dentist again.

I think it works... Charlotte is comfortable with visiting the dentist and
kept asking when she will be going back (6 monthly check-ups).

I thought dental checks should be a yearly affair?

Love this photo... manage to catch that moment
Its really hard to capture those heart warming moments
when Charmaine smiles, makes funny faces, does amazing milestones etc
on camera

Her waving goodbye
~ inwards moving of fingers
funny to the max!

Charmaine is 10kg now and is wearing Charlotte's 2 year old clothes
I discovered that she loves icecream, char kway tiao, chocolates and
rejects food that are not nice... like the simple (rather tasteless kind) porridge I cook
but its ok cos Charlotte will finish it up
I guess Charlotte wants to taste whatever I give Charmaine
maybe she this is jealousy...

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