Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pancakes breakfast for Charlotte
I have the luxury to do so only when Charmaine is not around
 to pull my shorts or whine loudly demanding that I carry her
 while I am trying to prepare meals for them
- childcare closed due as its Teacher's Day!

Udon lunch with Charlotte's favourite corns and carrots!

Charmaine's first haircut by the famous stylist - ME!

Never ending bowling till I have to drag her out...

Ballet open house
where all parents are allowed into the class to see
what their children had learnt

Charlotte kept yakking in the class
and pesters Miss Lee non-stop

poor Miss Lee...

After this, I finally know how come Charlotte will
out of sudden dance quietly at a corner
while I was busy attending to Charmaine ;)

Charmaine's first swim - 4 September 2011
@ Tampines Safra
The swimming diapers were damn ex!
Almost $1.60 per piece!!

Charmaine cried throughout the whole swim
Hope she will be happier in her second swim

While Daddy is busy taking care of mei mei
Charlotte plays in the pool all by herself
She's all grown up :)

Charmaine's first "plane ride"
and surprisingly jie jie is willing to share

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