Saturday, November 27, 2010

While waiting for Daddy...

Yesterday we were at T1 as Ben's and Alicia's
Daddy returned from his one month long work trip.

Its so heart warming to see how the kiddos miss their Daddy.

 Always with the same hand sign when posing.
Alicia is so sweet...
cried when she saw Daddy,
kept kissing Daddy and told Daddy - I miss you a lot.

 Charlotte was behaving as if she is fetching her Daddy.
She joined in the excitement!

Ben looked bored but
he was really excited.
He told me its
zero days to Daddy coming home when I chatted with him.

Angel and the gers...
she took care of the kids all by herself for one whole month
and even cook for us when we went her house during the weekends.
She's amazingly strong hor?

I wouldn't survive it if I were in her shoes.

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