Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Update update!

My confinement lady left on 31 October :) and thereafter I was busy clearing up housework (those places she left out cleaning) and cleaning up after Charmaine's baby shower (discovered black ants everywhere even after cleaning up - Ivan was spraying insecticide crazily everywhere).

My kitchen was in a mess with items chucked everywhere, stains on my cupboard, sink never scrubbed... did I mention she almost caused a permanent stain on my table top? Ah... I was real mad!

I can never live with anyone else except Ivan I guess... especially with my "expectations" in cleanliness... only Ivan can tolerate me.

Charmaine's baby shower was great!

Thank you all for making the effort to attend and thank you for the presents and ang baos!

Dora made yummy cupcakes for Charmaine.
Thank you for the effort.
I had quite a few ;)
Anyone wants to order let me know cos I can get good discount from her!

Luckily we took a shot before everyone comes.
Daddy and Charlottte were not back from hospital yet so no photo of them :(

Charlotte was rather shocked to find loads of people when she was home.
She looked unwell still...

Love this shot esp with mummy's mouth wide opened

Andy's artistic impression of the red eggs.

Joel: This toy seems familiar. I think I have one at home too!

One month difference,
 makes great difference..

Nice shot though my Dad always dunno look where when he took photos.

Some thought that I am a boy
cos I was wearing blue "

... but with polka dots and cupcake,
its impossible that I am a boy right?

Charmaine: I can see por por's red top!

Need to stop blogging now! Heard LOUD pooping sound beside. Need to clean some ass now :S

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