Sunday, November 21, 2010

Victor's Kitchen ~ Sunshine Plaza

This morning we went to Waterloo for praying and to buy some dried foodstuffs. We decided to have our breakfast at Victor's Kitchen in Sunshine Plaza.

When we entered, we were "greeted" by a sulky faced auntie who does not know where to place us as we have 3 adults, a kid and a baby inside a stroller. She turned to another lady at the counter and spoke in Khek saying that there are 2 children. Then unhappily lead us to a seat near the counter.

After some time, the lady boss walked out. When she saw our stroller she said, "No stroller inside". Ivan and myself were shocked by what she said and we stared at each other. In our head we were thinking - are you trying to say no infants or kids are allowed inside your restaurant? There was a moment of silence and the lady boss asked us to change to the outside seat so that our stroller will not block the way.

I was SUPER DUPER PISSED not because that I need to change seats BUT with the attitude that was given by the sulky face auntie and the lady boss instead.

After the commotion we had, another table had the same issue. The lady boss insisted that the table of 4 adults and a child to be seated elsewhere when they were already seated and there was no one there initially to arrange seats for them.

The sulky face auntie told other customers that she was not the one to arrange seats and pointed to another lady at the counter when she was obviously the cashier.

I admit that the dim sum they sell is delicious hence I brought my mum for breakfast there. My previous visits there were rather pleasant, especially when they initially started out as a small dim sum shop corner. Personally I felt that their service is really lousy and I do not deserve such attitude especially when I am their customer. Their lousy attitude is a big turn off, really!

The food review of this shop can be found in many famous food blogs. I wonder if they get similar treatment ...?

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