Monday, November 15, 2010

October. November.

October was no fun.

We were regular guests of hospital... Charmaine had jaundice, hence we visited Mt A every week until she was one month old for blood test. Charlotte went to a determologist in Pasir Ris as her palms had blisters that do not heal no matter what we do. Few days before her baby shower, Charlotte was hospitalized at KKH. 

Charmaine is alright now.

Charlotte is now sick again, so November was no fun either!

Her whole body was full of rashes and she was scratching non stop. We were so afraid that she will have scars from all the scratching :(  Oh... did I mention that our family doctor is the famous blogger of ? He is the only doctor who manages to keep Charlotte happy during doctor visits. Yesterday, he was not on duty so Charlotte was making hell of noise at the clinic. Haiz! 

Charmaine will be going to him for her jabs so I wonder if he knows how to pacify a baby :)

November passes too fast, I had only 2 buffet sessions with friends/colleagues last week, completed 1 1/2 TVBI series and now its mid of the month already.

I don't want to go back to work that fast :(

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