Friday, October 30, 2009

Thai Noodle House

If you miss Thai food badly, I recommend you a great place to go...

Thai Noodle House
5 Coronation Road
Coronation Arcade

Their service is much better than First Thai @ Purvis Street - those rules where you cannot be seated unless all your friends are here - and there is air-con. Parking is easy at Coronation Shopping Plaza.

Most importantly, the food is great!!!
My favourite ~ Cha Yin
I will admit that their thai ice milk tea is not that fantastic than those you have at roadside stalls in Thailand itself. I think that they are cutting down on the sugar and milk here.

Yum Woon Seng ~ Tung Hoon Salad
Hope my memory don't fail me... I learnt the thai name during Coca days. I miss my Coca days... Though work is tough, its overall fun and most importantly... I have loads of memories there :D
This dish was recommended by the waitress there and its a good recommendation!
Papaya Salad
Not too bad... not spicy at all... though not too sure if its the correct taste of this dish
Love the small shrimps!
Tom Yum Seafood Soup
This is much better than those I had in those Thai restaurants we have here.

Belacan Fried Rice
This is the best food I had in the restaurant!
I will recommend those who love rice to eat this.
I only had a mouthful and fell instantly in love with it!
Beef Noodles
Whenever I go to a Thai restaurant, I will want to try their beef noodles.
I reckon that if they serve tasty beef noodles, their food should be of a certain standard.
Don't ask me why... This is my theory! :P
AND whenever you have noodles you should have these four spices to go with:

then you will have sausages lips :D
Geoffrey: Can I add one egg?
Waitress: OK (and turned to us, "He has 2 eggs but cannot eat!")

She is really funny...
As usual, the chix couple came late and we had finished all our food then we told the waitress to quickly clear our plates cos we are going to pretend that we have not eaten at all and have another round of food and she actually helped us.
She cleared everything away in a min and when the chix couple is here, we ordered desserts and she told the chix couple that we waited too long and had 2 teas each so cannot have main course... hahaha... I love her!

Phad Thai ~ Thai Fried Noodles
Woooah! Even the fussy Lyn said its good... so what do you think?

The GREATest moment -
From Top: Tapoica, Mango with glutinous rice and red rubies

Tapoica is soft and blends in VERY well with the milk... Great!

Mango tastes just right... not too sour and glutinous soft and chewy - best eat warm!

Red rubies... Better than those I had in restaurants!

We are going back for dinner on Monday... Looking forward! *Yum Yum*

P.s: Adel thanks to the great recommendation!

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