Monday, October 05, 2009

Our Lantern Festival 2009

We went Chinatown on 中秋节 to buy lantern for Char cos could not find any nice ones in our neighbourhood...

I am still unable to understand what is so memorable about Thomas the Train that makes Char fall in love with it that much!

This is how Char looked, after some time of travelling...

Me... Worse!

We bought a star-shaped Hello Kitty lantern with different colours and music @ $8!

We are lucky that the music can be switched off,

as we do not need additional noise pollution.

Daddy's preggy with our 2nd :)

Daddy always proclaimed that he's a better photographer

BUT I do not think so...

We did not know that there will be a performance and just stood by the roadside like many others when we saw traffic police clearing the roads for closure.

Actually we intended to go Chinese Garden but Adeline told me earlier in class that there is no celebration there like previous years :(

Which photo is nicer?

Sitting by the roadside...

Their eyes look the same?

Daddy's filled with age... hiak hiak

Char insisted to sit on Daddy's shoulders to have a better view

Curious on-lookers... gathering on the empty road

Super flooded with MICs... argh!

Dragon dance

Scary 'birds' with dolls of all religion

Scary Samsui woman

Did you spot Osama-look-alike?

They scared the nuts out of Char!
Daddy said that they reuse the dolls from National Day Performance

Lion dance

The 'performance' lasted for only 10 mins cos they are just purely walking past... chey!

Char was saying that she wanted to sit on "Chang-Er" the gold plated figurine in the centre of the road side and we brought her there...
I confirmed with her if she wants to sit there then she cried and protested that we bring her away!

Had dumplings for dinner, something that we usually have when we went Chinatown for lunch


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