Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Family Day - Kakit Bukit CC 2009

We went back to Bedok on Sunday as Nanny bought tixs from Kaki Bukit CC

Char's class ~ Little Rainbow will be performing...

Poor Daddy and Mummy gotta wake up so early in the morning... Char's pretty much awake at 7.45 am

Colouring contest...

If only Char knows how to do it correctly

Blowing the whistle is part of playing?

Water drinking contest

Char's a little uphappy as she fell down and was squashed by a boy around her age but bigger her size... one moment they were hugging and kissing... then the other moment, they were on the ground... Little boy on top of her!!!

Brought her for "tattoo-ing"

Its a flower!

>>>>>>> TaDaaaaa!!

Ah ma with Char...

Char insisted to go up the stage to sing but the class that was singing was one year older...

That's Ronald...
Lunch was provided ~ MacDonalds! Lousy Mac Chicken burger cos there's no vege & mayo!!
We compensated Char later with a swim after dinner :)

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