Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our Birthdays

Its the time of the year again...

We are ONE (1) year older :("

Days ago... we were chatting in msn,

Me: I thot I'm 29 but I'm only 28... haha

Mich: I thot I'm 27 but I'm only 16


We had Charcoal Grill this year!

Though its charcoal grill, there is also steamboat. Best of the best, they use charcoal to cook!

My stomach nearly exploded... "boomZ" wahahahaha

Dar dar's the chef of the day ~ bbq-ing for us

Waiting for food to be cooked

US :)

Grabbed Dar to take photo while he is busy with cooking...

That's why he looks unwilling!

Mich ate LAO DA's satay... sigh

Tell us something new!

Mich took Lyn's seaweed wrap... sigh sigh

Lyn's expression says everything

Ah gua's smile + Hamster smile

We were somewhat full already... too much choices of food
So we started taking photos

Marina Country Club
The place where we went prawn fishing
This Sakura Charcoal Grill is a new restaurant that serves buffet
Its $30 per person with cash rebates for you to exchange better seafood or drinks
Not that their seafood is not fresh ~ its fresh lor
There is grill and steamboat
Food tastes better using charcoal to cook
The variety of food scares you ~ too many choices
Must go for their durian puff ~ Shiok!
So far BEST BBQ place I have been to ...

Chix killed lobster... Amen!

Address of the place :)

Lobster was redeemed using points
Lob's only $28

There a chill out place called Hot Spot, if my memory did not fail me :)

Poolside view

She's replacing Ris Low to Miss Singapore World!


Stage Name: Fried Bee Hoon
Real Name: Teo Bee Hoon
Hobby: Frying Bee Hoon
Best Love: Bee Hoon

I want Nobody but Bee Hoon....

erm... my birthday pressie?

and you get auto roamed to Malaysia network for Singtel users !

The birthday GIRLS!

Throwing darts at camera man ~ MIch!

Chix Couple
Fyi... not only Chix place pool...
hold onto que machiam very pro... puking ~bleah~
Chix bor and me also play pool and scored NASTILY lor...

Flying pig???

Yah... we have nothing better to do :)

Aw... I love singing

Conclusion: Fake nails makes you lose Jenga!

Punishment: Beat ME! :(

Our Birthday Cake
I love ice-cream

This may be our last birthday celebration together...
We have known each other around 9 years
Sad cos no one celebrating together with me next year BUT
Happy for you cos you have found your happiness
Fly me to Japan Oct 2010 :)

Our wishes...

Told yah... I love singing right?
Cover your ears!!!

Stupid kor always put vertical! How to play?

I will huff and puff and blow your Jenga DOWN !


Oh... wanted to try this before BUT now... lost all the guts :S

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