Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One-to-One Time with Darling

Had some one-to-one time with my first born today by fetching her from Childcare to ballet and dinner at McDonalds.

I can't help but feel that Children are actually happy with little things. In this case, daddy has been fetching Charlotte to and fro from Childcare since I switched job. It's the first time since the past 3 months that I fetch her to ballet today. She happily ran to bear hug me and was screaming to everyone that "Yay! My mummy is here!"

People always say... Firstborn is different. How different? Cos she is the one who makes me experience all my first times... *super hearts


Michelle said...

She looks so happy !!!! And r u the one who cut her fringe?? Haha!

Dawn said...

After so many attempts I gave up and this is salon cut fringe... Wind blow until so messy. It's a nice round shape and last longer than those straight cut fringe.