Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rain rain go away...

Weather wasn't kind to us last Saturday. When we reached Jacob Ballas Garden, it was pouring and it went on and off few times with thunder. Hence we decided to change location after our McDonald's lunch.

We took circle line to AMK Hub - circle line is confusing but convenient. We reached within minutes. I don't know how to survive with 4 kids making loads of noise in the train - most was generated by Charlotte. We head to Kids Explorer again to burn the energy out of these children. It's $35 for 2 adults and 2 children unlimited play. Yay!

This branch is better. It's a 3 level play area with ball shooting machine. I had fun making Charlotte collecting the balls for me to shoot. There are kids who actually gave me their balls when i had used up mine an Charlotte refuse to replenish for me. So sweet. Unlike my girl! She made me pretend eat the balls - red is apple, pink is strawberry etc.

Though we don't bear to leave the children there alone, we had a little coffee break cos Angel's fil seems bored. He is so humble.

With the cousin's company, Charlotte & Charmaine had a great time. Hubby sat at a corner playing with his hp again when he was being rejected to enter jackpot room with my ntuc card. Yes! Haha.

When Angel left after dinner, we allow the kids to play until Kids Explorer close and I did a little shopping buying shoes for Hubby. It's a tiring but fulfilling day.

Oh we also participate in Earth Hour - switching off lights at home cos we are not at home and Kids Explorer turned off half of the lights. Just kidding lah.

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