Monday, March 18, 2013

Expensive Indoor Playgrounds

It's been a while since we last visit Kids Explorer. It's freaking expensive at $22 per entry as public. Charlotte is a member hence it's $15 per hour. End up I have to sign Charmaine as a member as well for $15 membership till 12 years old and $15 for per hour entry.

In earth it's all about $$$!

But despite all the grumblings, I still grabbed Singkids Playground and Kidzgo Playhouse vouchers from and groupon respectively since its below $10 each. The deal at Kidzgo Playhouse is for unlimited play - sold out!

Yay! Great buy!

Poor people like me really need deals like such. Otherwise we have no where to go when it is raining and when Hubby refuse to think of where to go.

I am pretty upset that Hubby. He left kids with maid and sat at a corner enjoying the foot massager and watching his Japanese animations on mobile. It's family time and our kids do not belong to our maid.

Isn't it simple to understand?

Are all guys like that?!

P.s: I nearly die climbing up the playground...

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