Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Counting Down to Terrible Twos

Charmaine is a tough one...

Whenever she's not given something, she makes a fuss, cries and sit then eventually lay on the floor refusing to get up! This always make my blood boil. I would held her up almost immediately cos the floor is dirty and whack her fatty butt without hesitation of the stares from all over the world. I am rather cool on the stares cos I always have that "wait till you are in my shoes" thinking. So please feel free to stare and make remarks of how exactly I should teach my child. I don't care.

Whenever Charlotte tries to "catch" her for me or whenever Charlotte caught her, she will scream and cry.

Charmaine destroys everything - cooking set that Charlotte placed on the table neatly, draws on Charlotte's book, messing up the house... etc

She insists on self feeding every time and always make a horrible mess out of it but I am happy that she is learning to be independent... hopefully.

The both girls never fail to take turns to complain to me about each other and I have to explain and coax the crying one and make them hug and kiss each other after each saga. The next moment when I am busy with housework, they were hugging, laughing and playing around with each other happily.

I wonder did we behave the same when we were young... I don't remember but I know my mum is great! I could never be a stay at home mum with 3 kids and a busy husband.

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