Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How I am feeling right now...

Things no longer work the same...

It does not mean that you will be promoted when you have the capability.
Any one can climb up even though they are inexperienced.
Any one without similar experiences can be in the line.
The one who is taxed on will be appreciated?
It is still a puzzle where no one knows.

Some times I really wonder where equality stands.
The word we say in our pledge.
Equality in race or equality in genders?
Equality when man are given more chances than women.
When women are meant as birth giving creatures.
Where man and women fought hard equally for bread.
But company considers when women goes off to give birth.

Maybe equality is only a word.
A word that hangs there like a notice.

Hope the passion for work is still some where out there.
I am waiting for any chance to ignite it.

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