Friday, October 14, 2011

Charmaine's One Year Old Party

wah... my false ceiling looks nice here... hehehe

Catering from Broson Caterer
not too bad...

goody bag - tidbits & coloring set

Alice Ah Yee and Birthday Girl


all kids love the slide in my house

luckily its not a real biscuit

My Paris Hilton warning Lucas not to climb up the slide

fire engine... a great car for the children

Charlotte loves playing with Nanny's daughter

children, regardless of age... love balls

Lucas: Hey what are you guys doing inside?

Charmaine: I also want to go in but seems like wrong door

DJ Charlotte in the house
Yo! Yo! Yo!

they always do this

Rachel slimmed down loads
but she is still as cute
though Jo says she is acting only.... hahaha

Joel trying to tell me that is Mickey Mouse

he loves my coloring pack much

violin lessons for Joel please

thank you Shirlene for the yummy cupcakes

thank you Angel for the 2 trays of tiramisu for my birthday cake

love this photograph...
Joel looks so cute with his hamster cheeks 

sorry Min...
i did not know that my kitchen looks great in the photograph

see those cheeks again!
Joel loves that "pillow" crackers

nice smile

Christine so sweet and pretty
her Engrish damn slang man

Qiuyi and Lucas
wonder is it pure luck or Lucas likes you lor... hahaha

erm... Minnie got sick?

this Minnie is sick too

okay this Minnie is normal

Charlotte smart to color heels first

Joel actually wanted to bring this fireman engine up the slide with him

Charmaine's 1kg Minnie Mouse cake from Benganwan Solo
its yummy... i love fresh cream cakes
actually all kinds of sweet stuffs ;)

this photograph reminds me of an English test
where you have to describe what you see in a drawing given to you

its counted as a family photo right?

Kids are really great gift from heaven - sometimes
Charmaine is generally a happy baby
she smiles all the time
and its a blessing to go through the milestones once again

i love being a mum

too bad father-in-law has to work
he will very much love to come
maybe to physco me to go for a 3rd
i felt that he wanted a grandson

its a girl's thing...
with hello kitty make up set

Charmaine: I love presents!!!

Thank you everyone for the presents & ang baos for Charmaine and me

how come i still look so f.a.t?


Charmaine: I want to tear open this!!!

Lucas: See its SNOPPY!
Alice is training her hands muscle

miss popoye at work

neighbour jiejie - another Charmaine, were playing with the kids
outside another neighbour's house

Lucas looks seriously wanting to drive

ending with a handsome looking photograph of Lucas

Special thanks to Min for helping me with buying and packing goody bags, buying and putting up decorations and being assigned camera woman for the day.

Min maybe you can consider doing party organising but photography skills need a little more improvement :)

Charmaine: Thank you all Uncle and Aunties, Sisters and Brothers for making my one year old party fun! My blur blur Mummy cannot remember who gave what presents so can only give a overall thank you! Hope you dun mind...

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