Monday, October 11, 2010

Arrival of Our 2nd Bundle of Nightmare

Ivan and Charlotte accompanied me for admission at 00:00 hrs on 01/10/10 in Mt A.
Then I was left all alone (except for the nurses) in the labour ward waiting to give birth anytime once I dilate enough.

We had no one to help us with Charlotte.
Moreover we did  not want to traumatize her further by sending her to my sister's or in-law's place.
Hence, Ivan sent Charlotte home and put her to bed till the next morning when he could send her to nanny's place.

I was so afraid that I would pop without Ivan around.
Imagine Ivan was still no where in sight at around 9am.
He overslept and his mobile was switched off.
He could not be woken up by the calls I made to home at all.

Luckily, Charmaine decided to pop in the afternoon.
I wanted Ivan to be around when she has pop so that we could take photographs of her.

Its pretty uncomfortable with the heartbeat monitoring equipment "sticked" onto my stomach the whole night and I had to ask the nurse to turn the volume down so that I could nap a little.

I was surprised that I could sleep this time round.

The bursting of the water bag was bearable.
The awful drip injection was ok.
The epidural was manageable.

There wasn't tears but just minor groaning maybe
because Ivan wasn't around and I knew that I had to be brave.

Ivan took this photograph to scare those who is going for epi.
Very typical of him.

Epi wasted my precious 2 pieces of wholemeal bread with butter.
I asked for medication to stop myself from puking further
but it did not help.

Puking was disgusting,
Luckily I wasn't puking during labour this time round.

With less than 8 pushes, Charmaine popped.
There was really this popped or blobbed sound when she was out.
It was amazing yet funny.

Ivan took a video of her eyes looking round and round.
So scary.

Nurse said: Now you look like a doll.

and Dr Chen went to next door for another delivery after sewing me up.
She really know how to earn money :)

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