Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charmaine was Hospitalized

Returned to Kinder Clinic at Mt A for Charmaine's jaundice check
and Dr Terrence Tan informed us that her jaundice shot up to 19.5 at Day 6.

She was hospitalized for 3 days 2 nights and needed to be on 3 nos. of the light.
Its more cost effective to do it in hospital as their lights are stronger
than those machines that you rent back home.

 The only good news was Charmaine was 3 k.g which meant she was feeding well
but her liver cannot expel all the jaundice and some needed help.

Dr Tan was trying his best to console me by telling me the stories of his son
whose jaundice level shot to 22 which was considered to be high
as if goes above 25, one has to change blood.

He kept looking at me especially at my eyes,
expecting me to cry or teared upon hearing the news
but I was pretty calm cos in my head I was thinking -
Damn! Additional cost! How to cope?!
Moreover Dr Tan charges are damn high!

Bet he must be thinking that I am a "Bad Mummy"
who is not worried about her child and had no reaction upon hearing the bad news.

Maybe its because Ivan wasn't around and I knew I ought to be strong...

Anyway, Charmaine's doing fine now though her jaundice is now 11.5.
We had to do another blood test next Tuesday.
She's 3.2kg now :)

Hope and pray that everything will be fine.


Leann Koh said...

Jaundice is very common especially in pre-matured babies.

Ethan's jaundice level hit the highest at 23. What i understand is when it hit 30 then there is a need to change blood; not at 25.

Imagine the white portion surrounding the eye turning yellowish. Guess what? His jaundice lasted for 1 month. Poor boy. My mum & I were so worried, we try all sorts of different ways trying to bring it down.

We rented the photo-therapy box home & it cost a $100 per day. Too exp.. so we rented for first 5 days only. The rest of the days, we bring him out to sun bathe. Best timing is from 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm if i remember correctly.

Btw, I think Charmaine will be as pretty as her sister! Both has beautiful eyes!

Dawn said...

Didn't know that Ethan was premature. Gosh... you must been very worried then.

Anyway, Charmaine is ok now. Her jaundice last check was 11.5 (shot up again but doc said its norm). She's going for another round of blood test next week.

I find the photo therapy box too exp too so chose to ward her since the lights in hospi is 3 times stronger.

You want to book my little one for Ethan? Give you priority :)

miNi said...


charmummy said...

Lao Da... I will!